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How do I spread the word about our small business services (and make more loans!)

Do your members know that your credit union can help them with their small business needs? Guide small business owners through not just getting the loan, but all the other critical steps to success -- from creating a solid business plan to improving profitability. Use these tools to build small business owners’ knowledge and their loyalty to your credit union.


Launching Your Own Small Business

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Where do I turn to establish or expand member business lending?

We offer several levels of training on essential business lending topics. Take the next step towards tremendous growth potential at your credit union.

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Where can I get ongoing tips and advice to stay current on the latest issues?

Changes are constant in your credit union and overall financial services environments. Luckily, we offer several publications that are dedicated to keeping you up to speed. Don't let your performance miss a beat. Stay on top of current trends and keep your credit union on a steady path to success.


Small business lending can provide a great opportunity for growth, however with opportunity comes risk. There are currently more than 10 million small businesses in the U.S. and their numbers have been growing 5% to 10% annually.


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