Member Financial Literacy

Youth & Young Adults

How do I reach young members and help secure the future of our credit union?

According to the National Harris Interactive YouthPulse study, 8-21 year olds have annual incomes totaling $211 billion, most of which they spend rather than save. This group is the future of your credit union. Give them the money management skills they need to become responsible consumers -- they won’t necessarily be fully prepared by standard school curriculum. Use our ready-made resources to present important financial information in a fun way that’s sure to capture and maintain their interest. Reach them early, and your young members will be more likely to stick with you for the long haul.

Statement Stuffers

Allowances for children

Classroom Materials

Youth activity books

Tales from the vault Save, spend, share

Other member materials and resources

Guide to Money

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Online Member Education

Guides to Independence Googolplex Money Mix


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