Testimonials for the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report

We use the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report by creating spreadsheets using the pertinent data per our credit union for all our management staff. All others are in a union and those salaries are negotiated directly with the union.

We find it especially helpful in bringing this to our Board. We have been able move salaries more aggressively over the years with this tool. I believe we have used this for over ten years running.

Jeff Rodman
Actors FCU
New York, NY

Our Board of Directors Salary Committee uses the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report to match the credit union employees' position to the survey comparisons. It can also be helpful for budgeting if considering adding a new employee and or position. We've updated job descriptions and were able to justify salary increase decisions based on the information provided in the report.

I would recommend the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report to other credit unions because it is such a time saver for gathering information. The job descriptions and salary comparisons by location are very helpful.

Carnot Reeff
Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air EFCU
Seatac, WA

The Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report gives you a range of salaries for all credit unions as well as credit unions in your geographic region. Our credit union uses this survey to establish the salary ranges for our annual performance evaluations.

After reading this report I developed a spreadsheet for the Board to use during the annual performance evaluations. I recommended this survey to another CEO and he has purchased this survey for the past two years.

Guy Usui
Aloha FCU
Honolulu, HI

We use the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report for budgeting purposes to set salaries. As a result of reading the report we have adjusted salaries accordingly. The most valuable part of the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report is the detail of salaries per category, such as assets, region, etc.

Robert Bjelland
Fergus FCU
Lewistown, MO

I use the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report to supplement my local research in making sure my salary ranges are in line. I find that the information is comprehensive and covers a wide variety of staffing positions. The positions surveyed are not generic or cookie cutter, therefore it is easier to find the closest match without affecting the integrity of the information.

After reading the report, our credit union as a whole was ready to do some reorganizing on the staffing side. The salary survey helped me to define those job descriptions and titles and create/refine salary ranges for those positions.

Pamela R. Stelly
Maple FCU
Lafayette, Louisiana

Each year when I start to budget and look at our numbers for paying out year end bonuses, I pull out the CUNA Staff Salary Survey Report. We have 5 full time employees and 3 part time employees. The report breaks down positions very well and I try to match up each responsibility as close as I can using the descriptions in the report. The statistics in the report give you a wide array of characteristics such as asset size, region, product mix and many others. I review all categories for each position and compare them to our pay scale.

This has worked very well for us to see if we have our incomes, hourly rates and bonuses in line with our peers. Of course you have to work within your credit union's budget and maintain certain ratios to be successful in the big picture.

The CUNA Staff Salary Survey has been a worthwhile asset for us and I would recommend it to any size credit union as a very useful tool.

Keith Warcup
Slippery Rock, PA

The Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report gives us an idea of where to start in establishing our employee salary ranges. My board likes the report because it ties specific criteria (# of branches, # of services, educational level, etc.) to salary ranges. The Board of Directors uses the report primarily to determine the President's salary level annually. I use the report because it also includes numerous employee titles and job descriptions - as well as using the report(s) for salary guidelines for my staff.

The board uses the reports (we purchase both the nationwide survey and the customized salary survey) religiously to establish the President's salary. I would recommend the report as a tool to assist the board and/or manager in determining comparable or equitable pay scales for staff - in an effort to build a solid base for employee retention.

Don Ackerman
TelComm CU
Springfield, MO

We recently transitioned from previously using an annual, subscription-based service to now using CUNA's Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report.

What did you find most valuable about the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report?
This report appears to have fairly comprehensive/detailed data, particularly for the Pres/CEO. Most helpful was asset/geographic data available in order to compare our structure with other similar sized CUs in our region.

I would recommend this to other credit unions because it has good, applicable, broad-based data.

Greg Sassaman
Tuscaloosa Teachers CU
Tuscaloosa, AL

Our credit union uses the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report mostly for CEO data. We also use it with other software to set pay ranges for senior positions. One thing we find most valuable in the report is the many ways to look at salary averages.

After reading the report, our Board sets CEO Salary in part based on survey.

Pat Conn
United 1st FCU
Kingsland, GA

I have used the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report as a reference point for ten years. It has, at times, helped us determine if a particular position was lagging behind or well ahead of others in similar positions. I like it because it is credit union specific.

Tony Melton
Human Resource Manager
Via CU
Marion, IN

We love the Complete CU Staff Salary Survey Report as a means to fairly determine salary ranges and avoid arbitrary decisions. This report can help with both growing credit unions and the credit unions that must downsize. Anything that helps make fair decisions is a plus in my book.

Additionally, sample job descriptions helped us fully delegate the necessary functions. As our credit union was growing and added positions, far too often we created positions that did not delegate enough authority to complete the tasks without constant input from the CEO. Sound job descriptions have relieved these bottlenecks and disproportional work volumes.

Brad R. Warner
White Rose CU
York, PA